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KMD Group

A Track Record of Success in Operation Consulting

Consulting Services

Business Operations

All companies need maximum optimization and efficiency.
Our support includes review of your process and recommendations to increase your revenue in less time and with less resources.


Our experience is with helping technology companies reach new markets and expand offerings to new industries. We look to improve the business systems to create sustainable models that become the ideal in the space.

Supply Chain Management

Organizing your company's supply chain can make all the difference in companies success. Having product made and delivered when and where it needs to be and in the right quantities is the name of the game. Reach out to us for support with these needs.


The manufacturing process requires streamlining production and adoption of the perfect machinery of your businesses needs. We provide support for both these requirements.


Our strategic consulting for the transportation industry has allowed our clients to excel in the movement of goods nationally and locally. Whether it's implementation of new technology or human resource adjustment we have the experience and skills to improve your transportation needs.

International Procurement

Our global connections and network will allow you access to the best quality products produced world wide for the lowest costs. We consider all factors rom the story, to efficiency, to supply chain management. When it comes to support for product procurement we have done it all and are here to help.

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